Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cheese and Farm Fresh Eggs

Saturday Morning Scrambled Eggs......A Tribute to "Daisy"

In the Spring of 2010, we took our daughter to the local feed store to purchase 5 baby chicks.  They each quickly earned their names and became known as Marilyn, Lola, Dot, Maude and last but not least, Daisy.  Daisy was as bright and yellow as the sun and they became our pets.  I never had chickens growing up, so I was really looking forward to retrieving that first egg.  When that day came, I was so excited and amazed at how fresh eggs look and taste.  The color of the yolks are such a deep yellow orange and the taste is buttery, putting the mass produced "grocery store" egg to shame.

Our chickens had to move to the inlaws house, coop and all, but we still get some of the eggs.  This morning, I had fresh eggs and a block of really good sharp cheddar cheese.  I think I could eat cheese on just about anything.  You too?  Yes, I know you do....good stuff!

Sadly enough, this is the first batch of eggs that I got since our beloved Daisy died a couple of weeks ago.  Long story short, but she ate a bad worm.  Poor thing.  She will be missed and below are a few pictures of her as a baby (chick), her coop and our daughter holding her. 

Eating these eggs this morning reminded me of her, so I thought I would share my memory of Daisy as one of my food memories today.  Daisy, as with all our pets, you are missed and you were loved.  Thank you for your sunny disposition and rich tasting eggs.  Rest easy and thank you for the memories, my little chicka!

Scrambled eggs must be cooked low, slow and even if you use a little non-stick spray, use some butter so your eggs will not taste dry.  Don't overcook your eggs and remember that they are still cooking when you take them off heat.  I add anything to my eggs from the pantry or the refrigerator.  Green chilies, tomatoes, onions, scallions, peppers, leftover steak, italian sausage or brats, ANY kind of cheese and if you have it, thinly sliced smoked salmon.  Don't forget the freshly cracked pepper, salt and any fresh herbs.