Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's and Pinterest!

Like most of you, I get so busy with life that I rarely take the time to feel a little festive and put some of my special occasion skills to work.  However, today I decided I needed to create a new food memory for my family.  This time next year, we will pull out the green napkins and slice off a little green goodness because this cake is now a memory that we will repeat!

I found the recipe on Pinterest.  What is Pinterest?   You and I need to talk.  Maybe over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake?  You probably have some time to waste and could fill it up with so many projects that you will never do.  Or, you might experience a little Irish "blessing" and actually score big like I did today with this little pot of gold.

This is so festive, so delicious and is SO, SO, SO very moist.  Did I mention that it was moist?  A little green, a little pistachio, a little green icing..... the little leprechauns in your house will love it! 

A couple of Kristi tips would be to NOT overcook. If you let it go past the toothpick determination stage, your Bundt will dry out quickly.  Also, the inside of that cake is tinted green due to the pistachio pudding mix, but to add a little more festivity to the cake, I tinted the icing/glaze with a few drops of green food coloring.

Here is the link.  Make a new St. Paddy's Day food memory in your home!!!

P.S.  According to "my sources", the shortened version is St. Paddy, which is short for St. Patrick's.  St. Patty is short for St. Patricia.  Who knew?  Yes, I googled it. 

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