Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cauliflower Breadsticks! Was it GOOD???

Confession time.  I have to admit to you that I am a Pinterest pinning fool.  Oh, don't give me that stare, if you are on Pinterest, you need to confess too!  I pin so many delicious looking food projects and I try just a few.  It really is so much easier to pin that picture to a board than to actually make the dish!  BUT, tonight I hit jackpot on this recipe for my family.  The recipe is actually called "Basil Cauliflower Pizza".  I have seen many variations of this concept, but I just made the crust, cut it into to strips and viola'.....we have cheesy breadsticks.  I even fooled the kiddo!   I did tell her that it was cauliflower after she had 3 strips.  How can you pass up the look on their face when they hear the truth?  I like for her to know that she ate something healthy and liked it, but only after I fooled her.  It is not a sturdy, crispy "crust" but once it cools a few minutes, it could absolutely be a base for that creative pizza that you are dying to create.  It is more of a fork and knife dish than a traditional pick up pizza crust, so just be aware of the difference.  I gives this a family friendly"A".  Pick up a head of cauliflower on your next grocery trip.  You will be glad you tried this one!  Cauliflower Pizza Pinterest pin = Excellent. 


Below are the pictures of mine that I made tonight.  (I didn't have basil on hand and I also used a combo of cheeses I had on hand.)

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