Friday, September 21, 2012

TOAD IN A HOLE! It was love at first bite.

Kim's Cookbook FOR YOUNG PEOPLE by Red Farm Studio.  These words may mean nothing to you, but it was the beginning for me.  My grandmother, Dolly, gave me my very first cookbook.  She recognized the passion I had at age 10.  The first recipe that I chose to make was "Toad in a Hole".  I still remember making this easy egg dish with my Mother standing patiently by while I perfect the cracking of my egg.  Of course, I didn't want help.  At 10, you're grown anyway, right?
Cook with your children.  Someday they might be blogging about it.  Take the time to love their passion, whatever it may be.  "Kim", your Toad in a Hole rocks.


  1. Bill and I each have cookbooks from when we were children. For my kids, I got Rachel Ray's Cooking Rocks for kids. It's great because the recipes were in sections by age groups and worked perfectly for my 3 kids. They still have their favorites and over the summer, they get one day a week to plan the menu and cook.

  2. Lee Ann, that is awesome! Thank you for sharing!!